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The Comical Tragedy of Punch and Judy

Un cómic en el que se muestra de un modo curioso la historia de Mr. Punch y Judy, su mujer. Especialmente interesante para los fanáticos de Mr. Punch.


For the first time in comics, the centuries-old tale of Punch and Judy is told in this 48-page adaptation of the classic children’s puppet show, written and researched by Christopher P. Reilly and illustrated by Darron Laessig with a gorgeous cover painted by Star Wars cover artist Jon Foster.

12.50 €
Punch and Judy: A Grand Guignol

He murdered his family, killed the devil and brought about an apocalypse, but Mr. Punch still doesn't think he deserves to be on Santa's "naughty" list. And since no one can have Christmas if he can't, Mr. Punch makes it his goal to ruin Christmas for the last two good children on earth.

12.00 €
Punch and judy. Twice Told tales

Punch and judy: Twice Told Tales collects two graphic novellas by writer Christopher P. Reilly and artists Darron Laessig and Jorge Santillan in a retelling of the traditional puppet show and in a newly-imagined adventure.

13.00 €
Punch and Judy. A short History with the Original Dialogue

Esta historia nos acerca a los orígenes de este conocido duo en Italia y cómo viajó por toda la Europa medieval. La tragicomedia de Punch and Judy se presenta en estas páginas siguiendo una versión de la obra realizada hace más de un siglo.

12.00 €