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The Nutcracker Ballet Theatre

Año: 2004
Autor: Viola Ann Seddon and Jean Mahoney
Editorial: Candlewick Press
Idioma: Inglés
ISBN: 9780763624538
Páginas: 12
Peso: 425
Tamaño: 25 x 20,5 cm
Título: The Nutcracker Ballet Theatre
20.00 €
En stock: 1
Peso: 425 g

For every child who has ever imagined flying off with Clara to the Land of Sweets -- and for every child ready to be transported to the magical realm of THE NUTCRACKER for the first time -- this beribboned theater is the ultimate gift. Inside you'll find:

- A mini stage with changeable backdrops and scenery
- Six main characters on sticks, for twirling onstage
- Ten more characters available on punch-out sheets
- A booklet retelling the story of THE NUTCRACKER and offering scene-by-scene staging instructions
- A CD of musical selections from THE NUTCRACKER score
- Intriguing facts about ballet history, Tchaikovsky, and Christmas traditions
- Even a recipe for making sugar plums!
This charming miniature theater invites children to create their own Nutcracker ballet -- with the help of toy dancers to twirl, backdrops to change, a CD of musical selections, and a guide to staging scenes.

age range:
5 yrs and up

author´s comments:
Jean Mahoney is the author of three books for adults on Japanese architecture and design. She has led a nomadic life and first had the inspiration for the NUTCRACKER project while living in Vienna, where she attended the opera and often lamented over the dull librettos. She says, "There's nothing like sitting in a darkened theater when suddenly the orchestra pit lights up, and the sound of the instruments tuning up washes over the audience. THE NUTCRACKER BALLET THEATRE is that memory made tangible, a magical moment in miniature."
illustrator´s comments:
Viola Ann Seddon grew up in Melbourne, Australia, where her childhood revolved around the performing arts, ballet, and opera. She has fond memories of seeing THE NUTCRACKER ballet over and over again, memories that she combined with her love of doll-making to produce THE NUTCRACKER BALLET THEATRE. "I have sewn, painted, and dressed the performers in this set, and since Clara is the leading lady, she resembles my first childhood doll," she says. "I have spent a large part of my life making dolls, which invariably take on lives of their own." The illustrator of two children's books, Viola Ann Seddon currently lives in London.

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